Friday, 11 September 2009

Upcoming Fashion Mooks

Here are some more fashion brand mooks that are being released. The release dates are for Japan.

Uniqlo (15 September, 880yen)

Rebecca Taylor (17 September, 1380yen). This one is a must-buy for me!

Topshop with Christopher Kane for Topshop tote (17 September, 1365yen)


Yumeko said...

dear! let me know if u want me to pick the mook up for u! <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. BTW, did u buy the earlier version of the Rebecca Taylor? What's the material like? Thanks

Haru said...

Hey Yumeko,

Thanks for the kind offer! It should not be a problem for me to get it from Kino over here.

I did buy the earlier version of the Rebeccat Taylor mook. The tote is made of a very soft fabric. You can see my earlier post:

makeupmag said...

I want the Uniqlo one. The RT one is quite you, hee!

kenji_sugizo said...

Uniqlo Bag its best to pre-order if anyone really likes it. Cos maybe Japane might limited the export(Unofficial Info/news). Since its Mook not a magazine, I have already put in my previous blog entry to call Kino for thr pre-order.

kenji_sugizo said...

Cath Kidston Thank You Box / Uniqlo Mook and Cutie should be arriving on Wednesday pending unforseen circumstances