Saturday, 19 September 2009

CanCam x Jill Stuart

The November issue of CanCam will come with this House of Jill Stuart big tote bag. The magazine will be out on 23 Sep in Japan so Kino should have it in stock next Wednesday. Kino usually brings in a large quantity of CanCam so it should not be that difficult to snag a copy.

House of Jill Stuart refers to the stores in Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima which carry the Jill Stuart, Jill Stuart New York and Jill by Jill Stuart lines. In Tokyo, the store just opened earlier this month at Lumine department store in Kitasenju.


Jessy said...

hi haru, i got onto the bandwagon and bought the marc jacobs mook on thursday. i was supposed to go to the isetan private sale after seeing yr blog, but ended up in ion n taka instead. so, i thought might as well drop by kino to see the mooks available. the marc jacobs one is totally worth it, after seeing the quality of the bag. without yr blog, i wouldn't have known of this gd bargain. =)btw, i'm jessi. i have just started a blog too, feel free to visit~

Catherine said...

Oh how exciting! CanCam is one of my favorites too! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, I saw the news at CanCam website. Thanks for sharing the translation :3!
Now I have to get my own November issue of CanCam :3!!!


カロリイン said...

Hi, i went to Kinokuniya yesterday, I am so glad to see they had replenished plenty of Jill Stuart-eMook. I really like the quality of the cosmetic pouch! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm still waiting for my copy of JS mook from Liang Court's Kino. *growing cobwebs*
Anyway, will like to seek your advice on which pressed foundation/powder is gd. I'm a sucker for nice packaging, so i'm contemplating between JS powder foundation, Anna Sui or Chanel. I rarely put on makeup, and is one with ok skin but prone to pimple breakout. Any recommendations?

Haru said...

Hi Sweetsnow15,

I'm actually not a fan of Jill Stuart's powder foundations. Their original Powder Foundation was decent but not really outstanding. (It has recently been discontinued with the new Moist Silk Powder Foundation.) The Smooth Silk Powder Foundation did not work well for me at all as it went on chalky, overly powdery without good coverage. I have not tried the new Moist Silk Powder Foundation so I can't say if that's any good.

I have only tried samples of Anna Sui's powder foundation (not the latest one though) and have not been impressed by their finish. As for Chanel, I have not tried their foundations at all.

For powder foundations, I highly recommend Lancome's Maquicake UV Infinite which has a very natural finish, good coverage and is long wearing. Benefit's Hello Flawless is also quite good for a seamless natural finish (but I have to use a kabuki brush to get that effect as the sponge and brush that comes with Hello Flawless are terrible.) For liquid foundation, I like Guerlain's Prarure Pearly White.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Haru!