Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lavshuca Holiday '09

Looks like Lavshuca is giving Majolica Majorca a run for its money with these princessy Custom Selective Eyes (12 duos) which will debut in Japan on 1 November. The slide-out drawer design is reminiscent of Majolica's Shadow Customize singles, which sadly have been greatly reduced in recent years. (At its height, Majolica offered 32 eyeshadow singles, but this has been reduced to a measly 12, although they currently offer many more quads.) The duos are supposedly designed to meet consumers' requests for light/dark shade combos, sparkle and color. The design is cute, but I don't have high hopes for the actual shades as Lavshuca has gone the safe and boring route in its recent releases, i.e. lots of muted pastels, beiges and browns.

The collection also includes Jewel Lips N (Shiny) (12 shades and Jewel Lips N (Color) (10 shades).


Anonymous said...

hi, do u know where we can get lavshuca in singapore?

Chenni said...

The eye shadow in this picture looks nice.

Haru said...

Lavshuca is not sold in Singapore but you can order it easily online from websites such as

Whitepiano555 said...

looks soo good, i wanna try lippies ^^

stellarvixen said...

quick question..curious between Kate & Lavshuca which of them offer better pigmentation & finishing?

Haru said...

Both Kate and Lavshuca have several different eyeshadow palette series in their line-up so even within the same brand, the texture/finish varies depending on the individual palette series. Overall, I would say Kate's eyeshadows are more consistently well-pigmented but some series are more shimmery, like Diamond Cut Eyes and Glam Trick Eyes, than others. Lavshuca does have some nice palettes with good pigment like the Eye Color Select series. Kate has a more edgy and hip brand image than Lavshuca so you'll find that Kate offers greater variety and more colorful options than Lavshuca.

I haven't tried the latest eyeshadow releases from Lavshuca and Kate but you can check out Lotus Palace for reviews of the more recent releases.

stellarvixen said...

Thanks Haru *hugsss
well described indeed..

i cant get Lavshuca easily..but i like their colors o.O
so far didnt quite like kate packaging *narrow older palettes :P
DiamondCutEyes are just shimmers..
and they dun hav purple T.T

once again thanks for sharing!