Thursday, 3 September 2009

Coffret D'Or Holiday '09

Coffret D'Or will release the "Luxuriate Collection" comprising two limited edition face palettes for this holiday season on 16 November in Japan. #1 Sweet Luxury is light beige and pink eyeshadows paired with an orange gloss color, coral pink/red lip colors and a pink treatment gloss while #2 Cool Luxury features an ice blue and lilac eyeshadows paired with a red gloss color, red/beige lip colorsand white treatment gloss. The compacts feature a lace motif on hologram covers.

The different products as denoted in the diagram are as follow:
A - Highlight Color
B - Medium Color
C - Dark Color
D - Gloss Color (lipstick)
E & F - Lip Color (lipstick
G - Treatment Gloss


visee said...

Hi Haru! Thanks for posting this. It's only Sept but I'm already anticipating all the lovely holiday sets that will be released soon. Year-end is definitely my favourite time of the year for cosmetic shopping. :)

saintangelius said...

Very pretty... What does the treatment gloss do? I take it that it's not a regular gloss like 'D'. Unless of course D is actually a sheer shade lipstick compared to the other two.

Laura said...

Hi Haru! Thanks for the post. It is strange, but I am starting to feel the Xmas vibe already when I saw the release of the holiday set! Although detractors may find the collection boring or similar to the last year's set, I feel very excited at being able to add it on to my collection! I can't wait to see what Lunasol offers!

Whitepiano555 said...

the packaging is really really pretty. but i don't know, I feel it's quite the same as last year holiday set. Still love Coffret D'or anyway. hehe thanks for updating.

Mz. W said...

I love palettes where you can go little of everything=P the colors look very pretty on both of them! I can't wait to see other brands as well.

kuri♥ayu said...

I'm also wondering what the treatment gloss is? Maybe like a lip balm ;p The case is so pretty!

Haru said...


The treatment gloss is supposed to be quite moisturising and also adds shine to lips.

Hey Laura,
Lunasol always releases a beige/brown themed eyeshadow coffret set with lipgloss or eyeliner with a clutch party bag for Christmas. I'm more interested to see what they will release for Spring as they always release sets of 5 palettes for spring and fall.