Saturday, 12 September 2009

Jill Stuart Holiday '09

Here are the full details on the Jill Stuart holiday collection.

Sweetness Collection (7875yen, 6 November)
1. Mix Face Powder Compact
2. Jelly Eye Color N
3. Jelly Lip Gloss
4. Nail Lacquer N
5. Emery Board
6. Nail Art Sticker
7. Pouch

Bath & Body Collection (6300yen, 20 November)
1. Bath & Body Oil 85ml
2. Body Cream 50g
3. Shower Gel 85ml
4. Sugar Body Scrub 100g
5. Bath puff
6. Pouch

The holiday coffrets are usually quite difficult to get in Japan as you either need to call very early on the first day to make a reservation (and it's usually impossible to get through) or go to the store very early to make a reservation in person. The counters set aside specific quantities for phone and walk-in reservations, as well as for sale to walk-in customers on the first day of release. Not sure what the situation is like in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea where there are also Jill Stuart counters but I'm sure these don't sit on the counters for long. Some online retailers do offer these for sale but usually at incredibly jacked up prices which for me, is just not worth it. The coffrets are cute to have, but in the world of makeup, there's always the next season and other limited edition items on the horizon.


. : * justine * : . said...

I'd love the coffret more if it was a new Mix Blush rather than a powder. Oh well, saves my wallet some pain. XD;

Anonymous said...

looks like the spring 2007

Whitepiano555 said...

this is sooo pretty. but i thought that powder is a mix blush.... -.-"