Saturday, 12 September 2009

Ettusais Holiday '09

Ettusais will release its holiday collection on 19 November in Japan.

1. Platinum Star Eye Gloss in three shades (1680yen): Each palette has a dark shade and a light shade. These are glossy creams with multi-color pearl and dry to a non-sticky finish.

2. Platinum Star Powder (1890yen): Face powder formulated with AC Control Oil to help combat acne. Comes with a soft puff applicator.

3. Lip Essence a with SPF18 PA++ (1260yen, 10g)

4. Lip Essence Stick SPF18 PA++ (1050yen, 3g)


makeupmag said...

That baby reminds me of Baby Pink. :)

Anonymous said...

i can't wait for the lip essence stick, the tube gloss is probably one of the most underrated products ever