Thursday, 31 May 2012

Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush and #131 Foundation Brush

After hitting pan on a powder foundation, it gets increasingly difficult to pick up the foundation with a sponge. However, by using the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush (S$40/US$30) and its drugstore twin, Shiseido Foundation Brush #131, I've been able to continue using the foundation with ease, slowly winnowing it down to the very last bits.

The small gently tapered round head of the Shiseido brush picks up the thin strips of powder hugging the sides of the pan efficiently without too much powdery kickup. It applies the foundation evenly with an almost airbrushed finish. This versatile worker can be used with powder, emulsion, liquid and cream foundations.

The drugstore version, which has the brand printed on the translucent dark blue handle instead of the ferrule, officially retails for 1890yen in drugstores in Japan, where I purchased it at a 30% discount. It is available on for US$26.50. After two or three uses with a powder foundation (or once with a liquid), I wash these with Daiso sponge detergent which removes all traces of foundation speedily.

You can read more reviews of the brush on Makeupstash, Cafe Makeup, My Women Stuff and the Non-Blonde.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post - I've been curious about this brush. Is there a difference in quality between the two or are they basically identical?

Paris B said...

Thank you for the link! :) I love these brushes too and I think they are really superior for applying base makeup. I'll have to try them properly on powder foundation though. Can't seem to quite get the hang of that yet :)

Haru said...

There's no difference in quality between the two brushes. The drugstore version was introduced first and it was very successful, so I think that's why it was added to the Shiseido The Makeup line which is available internationally unlike the drugstore line.

Laura said...

Hi Iris,

It's nice to know that you would still continue with the foundation even though you've hit pan. I am guilty of wanting to throw it away once I hit pan. (Actually once I see an indent in the foundation I'll start thinking of looking for another foundation.)


Haru said...

Hi Laura,
i always try to use products up completely, but this is the first foundation that I've finished in a very long time. Only anothet erm... two dozen to go! ;)

Cecile said...

Hi Haru! :) which one is better in terms of application? And which one is denser? :) thank you!

Haru said...

hi Cecile,
the two brushes are identical, except for the slight difference in the color of the handle. The drugstore version was introduced first and has since sold over 1 million units.

Anonymous said...

do you know if singapore has the drugstore one? if singapore has it, can i find it in watson?

thx :)

Haru said...

Nope, Singapore only has the Perfect Foundation Brush available at Shiseido counters and not the drugstore version.