Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Anna Sui New Bodycare

Anna Sui will release the following new bodycare and accessories on 4 October in Japan.

Rose Body Cream (3150yen, 150g): Moisturising body cream with a rich tea rose scent. See more pics on Kuri's Beauty Report.

Hand Cream in tea rose, berry and herbal citrus scents (1890yen each). These contain shea butter and jojoba oil.

Makeup Tray (2100yen) - This looks nicely crafted based on the pic on Kyoko Iida's blog.

Gift Package (315yen for S size, 420yen for M size)


LauraLeia said...

Thanks for the update, Haru! :) I might pop by a counter to check out the hand creams.

Sara Kye said...

Ooh that hand cream and body cream looks so cute in terms of packaging! And tea rose for the body cream? I need to check that one out!