Sunday, 28 October 2012

Suqqu Tsukiakari and Mizumomo swatches

Back in September, I picked up Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow EX07 Tsukiakari, Gradation Cheeks EX02 Mizumomo and Chiffon Feel Loose Powder from the autumn collection. All three are limited edition and purchased at Selfriges in London.

The three Blend Color Eyeshadow palettes released for autumn feature three powder eyeshadows and a cream eyeshadow that can be used as eyeliner or creating a gradation effect. The eyeshadow powder particles are coated with silicone for an extra smooth finish.

The top left shade is the Light Color (Pearly) for an illuminating effect, top right is the Arrange Color (Pearly) for adding dimension, bottom left is the Deep Color (Creamy) and bottom right is the Pearl Color (Matte). The matte shade contains the most finely-milled powders in the quad, with a soft focus nylon-12 powder that diminishes the appearance of fine lines.

Tsukiakari features a smoky navy blue cream shade, which has some shimmer particles that can be seen in the swatches below but these aren't visible when applied on the lids. The powder shades are the usual white, pearl beige and taupe brown combination that Suqqu is extremely fond of, with infinite subtle variations across the seasonal collections.

My current collection of Suqqu quads: (from left to right): #11 Himesango (Spring 2012), EX07 Tsukiakari and EX02 Fuyubara (Holiday 2010).

Swatches on bare skin without any primer.

There are some tonal differences between Himesango and Tsukiakari but these are pretty subtle. The shades in Tsukiakari have better payoff than Fuyubara. The navy cream shade applies quite smoothly but it does require some layering. It doesn't set to a budgeproof finish though, as some product came off on my eyelash curler, necessitating a touch-up. Nevertheless, it actually lasted quite well over eight hours of wear without transferring.

I'm usually not a fan of cream shades in a palette, but Suqqu has done a pretty decent job with this one. The navy cream helps to add definition. Otherwise, the powder shades look rather lifeless and pedestrian on their own. It's a fail-safe combination suitable for everyday wear.

While I can see myself getting quite a lot of use out of Tsukiakari, I'll probably skip the upcoming holiday sets. The paler shades always look so pretty in the pan but on my skin, they tend to get washed out.

Below is the ingredients list.

Of the two blush duos in the autumn collection, I selected Mizumomo as it showed up much better on my skin than EX01 Mizudaidai, a beige/peach combination.

The two shades glisten softly when under a bright spotlight but on the skin, the finish does not look shimmery or frosty at all.

The pink shade gives the cheeks a lovely tint of color while the pinkish white shade can be layered on top to sheer it down with a subtle glowy effect.

Compared with Nuancing Cheeks EX03 Akanemizu (from the Spring 2012 collection), Akanemizu is the more versatile of the two as the pinkish white shade in Mizumomo doesn't really do much for me.

As usual, the exquisite quality of the brush with its sleek lacquered handle puts other luxury brands like Chanel truly to shame.

The brush in Mizumomo has a rounded shape, which is different from the brush included in Akanemizu. Both work well in depositing and blending the colours.

Below is the ingredients list.

The Chiffon Feel Loose Powder is a pale pink powder that is supposed to help brighten the skin while concealing pores and improving the skin's texture. This felt very silky and finely milled when I tested it at the counter, but I haven't started using it yet. The cotton puff is dreamily plush and soft. The amount of product is also generous at 19g.


Anonymous said...

Ooo, I really like the pinky mauve lip color you're wearing here. What is it? Thanks.

Haru said...

It's a lipgloss 01 Alice Had A Vision Again from the Essence Breaking Dawn collection.

Beauty Box said...

They really do look quite similar! I do appreciate a good blush brush in a palette. Makes it great for travelling. I like Chanel's one...

Jacqueline said...

Haru, I love Suqqu palettes, they quality is fantastic. Is the cream shadow long lasting? I didn't get anymore when they introduced the cream shadow partly because I hate seeing it mixed with the powder and because I am worried the cream shadow will smudge on me. Nevertheless, I love the eye look you did.

Haru said...

hey Jacqueline,
The cream shadow lasted quite well, but I think you can produce the same effect with a gel eyeliner. The Suqqu one can look a tad patchy unless layered a few times. It doesn't smudge on me though.