Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Aube Early Autumn collection

The Aube website has been updated with the new early autumn collection which is due in stores on 4 July. The collection includes:
1. Loose & Line Eyes (loose eyeshadow and shimmery liquid eyeliner) in 6 shades, 2625yen
2. Rouge Aqua Dress lipstick in 10 shades, 3150yen
3. Mix Veil Cheeks in 3 shades , 3675yen
4. Jewellery Shower Eyes #36 Pink, 3675yen.

The new #36 pink eyeshadow palette is a mix of soft plum, baby rose pink, pearly cream beige and a cream base shade with white gold iridescence. The Mix Veil Cheeks include a "Color Blush" and a "Pearly Blush". The Pearly Blush is meant to help create a more luminous finish while the Color Blush is for a more natural pop of colour. It comes in 811 Rose ( for a "feminine" look), 812 Orange ("fresh, cute") and 813 Red ("natural").

The loose eyeshadow in the Loose & Line have olive and camomile extracts as moisturising agents. According to the instructions on the website, the loose eyeshadow should be applied first before the eyeliner. The colour range for the looose eyeshadows are the usual pastel shades typical of Japanese brands while the eyeliner shades look more promising.

Here're the names of the new Rouge Aqua Dress shades:
BE521 Caramel Cream
PK522 Pink Glow
PK523 Pink Starlight
PK524 Sheerly Pink
RD525 Maple Red
RD526 Copper Red
RD527 Autumn Red
RS528 Rose Romantic:
WN529 Wine Berry
RS530 Glace Rose

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