Saturday, 12 May 2007

Lunasol summer collection haul

Check out my new babies! I'm not a Lunasol addict but for some reason, I just fell hard for this summer collection even though my previous Lunasol purchase (Scent Form Eyes quads in #3 Black Tea and #2 Leak) did not work out as well as I had hoped (hated the glittery cream shade in the bottom left corner of the quads). The Skin Modelling Eyes series that first debuted in Spring 2007 didn't appeal to me much as I'm not a neutral kind of girl. I like my eyeshadows vibrant and colourful! What made me decide to get the two new LE Skin Modelling Eyes in EX01 Beige Bronze and EX02 Beige Cool was probably a combination of a few factors: I actually like all the shades in these two quads, the gorgeous promo image and of course, the LE factor that just makes them all the more collectible. Believe it or not, I have been thinking about this collection since the beginning of this week and had to restrain myself from running down to the counter yesterday to grab them. Today, I went by the Lunasol counter first thing in the morning and to my delight, the whole collection was still available.

I also bought the Full Glamour Gloss in #6 Soft Beige (2625yen) which is a great nude (but not so pale that it doesn't show up) shade with some shimmer. #7 Light Pink was an average light candy pink that didn't look like it have much colour payoff and #5 Clear is for me, just useless since ordinary lip balm would give you the same effect.

On a whim, I also caved and bought the Jelly Eyes EX02 Sheer Beige (2310yen) which is a light metallic gold that is not too yellow or brown toned. The texture is actually more creamy than jelly-like so it's actually more similar to Lavshuca's Jelly Pot Eye Color rather than Jill Stuart Eye Jellies. The Lunasol Jelly Eyes feels more creamy to touch but dries down quite nicely with a smooth metallic shimmer that is not gritty and has no big chunky glitter which I hate. I haven't used any of the items yet but will definitely post a review later!

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cavano said...

Lovely haul! One request though, when you feel like to, could you please posts the mu the model is wearing at the website?
I figure since you always posts the mu breakdown for other brands, why not posts for Lunasol too. Thanks!