Monday, 14 May 2007

Lunasol summer palettes review

Tried out the 2 new Skin Modelling EX01 and EX02 palettes over the past two days and I must say, they truly rock! Both palettes were very wearable and flattering on my MAC NC20 skintone. I hate it when palettes contain only one or two shades that I really like while the rest are throwaway, blah colours, or the colors clash too much with one another. It is really rare to find a palette where every shade just makes you go 'wow' rather than 'eh' after trying it on. In the two Lunasol palettes, every shade is pretty on its own or combined with the other colours in the palette. The colour payoff is excellent and the eyeshadows lasted all day on me with very minimal fading and nothing falling on my cheeks. The included applicators also get the job done well. The sponge-tip applicators make application a breeze as they help to pack on the colour for greater intensity while the brush end can be used for a sheer finish.

EX01 Beige Bronze has a very pale gold-tinted white shade, an intensly shimmery medium gold shade, a light tan hazelnut shade and a chocolate brown shade. What I liked about this palette is that the colours apply true to how they appear in the pan. The problem that I have with many dark brown shades is that when applied, they look almost black and too severe on me but the chocolate brown shade in this palette shows up as a rich brown shade. The gold shade is excellent for adding a touch of sun-kissed glamour but at the same time, it's not too loud or messy to apply. It's not too yellow or too orange-toned, so it works great on me. The white shade is a good base and highlighting shade while the hazelnut shade goes very well with the dark chocolate shade if you want to create a gradational effect. I wore this with Jelly Eyes EX02 Sheer Bronze as the base and it lasted very well over more than 8 hours without fading or creasing. The Jelly Eyes is very sparkly so you have to be careful not to gob on too much at the beginning as you only need a tiny little dab for each eyelid. It dries down quite fast without any oily residue.

EX02 Beige Cool has a shimmery white shade, an intensely shimmery metallic baby blue shade, a light beige with gold sparkles and a dark midnight blue shade with light blue sparkles. As with EX01, I was delighted to find that the dark navy shade did not apply too severe or blackish on me. The baby blue shade is great for adding a pop of colour and it's not too light that it looks like just plain white shimmer once applied. Both shades also work very well when used to line the lower eyelid. After applying the eyeshadows, I did have to wipe away some micro sparkles that had fallen on my cheeks but these were quite fine, not big chunky glitter bits. You can create a lovely smokey eye with this palette or go lighter on the dark navy shade for a fresh, fun summer look.

The model in the promo image is wearing:
1. Skin Modelling Eyes EX02 Beige Cool
2. Jelly Eyes EX01 Sheer White
3. Pencil Eyeliner 01 BK
4. Power Infusion Mascara WP 01 Black on upper lashes and EX02 Deep Blue on lower lashes
5. Intellectual Lips Full Glamour 23 Beige Beige
6. Full Glamour Gloss 05 Clear
7. Shiny Cheeks 02 Shiny Beige
8. Contrasting Highlight 02 White Gold
9. Water Cream Foundation
10. Tone Up Powder EX01 Bronze Brown

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Hi! Stilafaux here :) Thanks for the wonderful review of the eyeshadow palettes :)
Can't wait to test them out myself at the counter too!