Friday, 25 May 2007

Kate Fall Collection

Kate, which is the top makeup brand in the 'self-help' segment of the drugstore cosmetic market, will be releasing their fall collection on 1 Aug in Japan. The collection includes:

1. Magical Long Gel Mascara (non-fibre based with a triangular brush), 1575yen
2. Mascara Base S (Volume Long), 1575yen: transparent formula
3. Gradical Eyes S series in 8 shades, 1470yen
4. a new shade of the popular Powder Gel Eyeliner, 1575yen.
5. a new shade of the Supersharp Liner in High Black (deep jet black), 1050yen
6. Quick Eyeliner S in 1 shade, 1050yen
7. two new shades of Dual Carat Eyes, 1365yen
8. one new shade of Deep Eyes N, 1680yen
9. two new shades of Rouge Trance N, 1470yen

The gel eyeliners series have been a big hit in Japan with over 500,000 sold in just 1.5 months after they were released. The Gradical Eyes S palettes each include a pearl cream base and 4 gradational powder shades.

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