Saturday, 12 May 2007

Urban Decay haul

Also made my first UD purchase in a long time, 2 Liquid Eye Liners in Thames and Shattered. I have to admit, I did it mainly to get the GWP which is the most adorable yet super cool loose powder container which I'll probably fill with one of my MJ Spices. I love the black & purple gothic gun design motif on the pouch and powder case. Thames is a complex deep dirty green (I just adore the name too as anything London-related makes me nostalgic) that has gotten rave reviews on Makeupalley with a whopping 97% saying they would buy it again. Shattered is a brighter metallic teal. I loved how these appear when swatched on the back of my hand. They did not budge once applied and the thin brush does a great job of drawing a sleek fine line. I much prefer this kind of eyeliners with a brush as they are much easier to control than those click-pen type of eyeliners where the liquid oozes out through the brush as it's just too tricky and time-consuming to try to get the right amount on the bristles.

The eyeliners retail for 2100yen each in Japan, a tad higher than the US price of US$14 (not including sales tax). I took some time deliberating between the eyeliners and the Eyeshadow Ammo Shadow Box which cost the same as the 2 eyeliners combined. In the end, I decided I have much prettier eyeshadow palettes at home already plus I'm not a fan of glitter in eyeshadows whereas the eyeliner shades were right up my alley :-)

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