Sunday, 27 May 2007

Awake Reflectance Eye E3 review

I tried out the Awake Reflectance Eye E3 Always Blue palette (4.5g/0.15oz; 5040yen) today and loved it! The Reflectance Eye palettes were released in Spring 2007 and back in January, I was already impressed by the texture of these palettes but put off buying them until yesterday as at that time, I was more taken with the Jill Stuart Brilliance Eyes series. The eyeshadows in the Awake palette have a smoother, silkier texture than their single eyeshadows. They are also richly pigmented with a very fine shimmer (no chunky glitter bits) and feel almost creamy to touch. The texture is similar to Testimo's Frame Impact or Grand Shine Eyes series. On, they have an excellent average rating of 5.7 stars. I applied the eyeshadows according to the steps that the Awake SA had advised:

(1) Apply the top left silver shade as the base colour all over the lid with the fat end of the sponge applicator
(2) Apply the bottom left medium blue shade from the lashline to the crease with the fat end of the sponge applicator
(3) Using the slim end of the sponge applicator, apply the bottom right dark lilac shade along the lashline as the eyeliner shade
(4) Using the brush, lightly brush the top right metallic silvery blue over the whole lid for additional sparkle. It also helps to make the different colours look as though they have been blended seamlessly for a more polished, elegant finish.

I loved the colours in this palette which worked very well with my MAC NC20 skintone. I usually avoid dark navy or blues that are too ashy or dull as these make my eyes look bruised and tired. Blues with lilac or lavender tones and a silvery shimmer such as the shades in the Awake palette are more suitable for my skintone. You can also layer the darker shades for a more dramatic look. The eyeshadows lasted very well on me for more than 8 hours despite it being a hot summer day and my skin oiling up like crazy. At the end of 8 hours, my face was drenched in oil as I had not bothered to blot but my eyeshadows remained almost perfect! There was no fading at all and the eyeshadows looked as shimmery as when I first applied them. There was only a bit of creasing at the inner corners of my eyes. Now I can't wait to get the E-4 palette next weekend! The Awake palette costs quite a bit more than the Aube or Testimo palettes (usually 2572yen after 30% discount at the drugstore) but the blue palettes from the Aube Jewellery Shower Eyes and Testimo Frame Impact Eyes series never appealed to me that much because the blue tones just looked a bit off on my skintone.

Awake is a high-end department store brand by Kose. Aside from Japan, it is also sold in Taiwan, USA and the Philippines. In Tokyo, Awake is available at Isetan department store in Shinjuku, Tokyu department store in Shibuya station, Matsuya department store in Ginza and Seibu department store in Ikebukuro.

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