Saturday, 26 May 2007

Aube Summer Booklet

The Aube summer collection testers were out in the stores today. I also picked up the new pamphlet which I've scanned below. The drugstore I went to was taking reservations for the collection and if you reserved one item, you get an Aube pink terry cloth handkerchief studded with some crystals; if you reserved two items, you also get a beige makeup pouch (not that exciting) so I reserved the Jewellery Shower Eyes #36 Pink and Mix Veil Cheek 811 Rose. The collection is expected to arrive in the stores on 26 June (although the official release date is 4 July). The #36 quad is quite different from #34. The shades in #36 are sweet cotton candy pastel pinks whereas the shades in #34 are darker and more plum toned. The darkest shade in #36 is a medium pink whereas the darkest shade in #34 is a dark pinkish burgundy.

The new Mix Veil Cheek comes in the same compact packaging as the Jewellery Shower Eyes which for me is great because then my collection looks much neater! I also tried out the new Loose & Line Eyes but was not impressed with these. The eyeliner has a a pointed rubber (?) tip instead of the usual brush and the testers all seemed to get gunky easily. Application was also not as easy as the typical slim brush applicator. The loose eyeshadows were too sheer for my liking and the rounded applicator was also not the easiest to work with.

The new Rouge Aqua Dress lipsticks were ultra glossy and moisturising with fairly good color payoff. My favourite was RD530 Glace Rose.

The products used for the each of the looks in the booklet are as below:
(A) Summer Memory: Loose & Line Eyes 73, Rouge Aqua Dress PK522, Mix Veil Cheek 813 Orange, Gloss & Impact Mascara BK961, Lipliner & Concealer S BE61

(B) Autumn Dew: Loose & Line Eyes 75, Rouge Aqua Dress PK523, Mix Veil Cheek 812 Red, Gloss Impact Mascara BR962, Lipliner & Concealer S BE61

(C) Rosy Fairy: Loose & Line Eyes 72, Rouge Aqua Dress PK524, Mix Veil Cheek 811 Rose, Gloss & Impact Mascara BK961, Lipliner & Concealer S BE61


Anonymous said...

The new lippies look nice and moisturising! ^_^ How do you actually use the blusher? 812 and 813 don't really look red and orange respectively to me...

Haru said...

The lighter shade is a "pearly blush" while the darker shade is described as the "colour blush". You can use the shades either on their own or mix them to create the desired depth of colour. The pearly blush can be layered on top of the colour blush for a more glowy effect.