Sunday, 13 May 2007

Sweets Sweets

Sweets Sweets is a very affordable Japanese drugstore brand. Unfortunately it's so cheap that it doesn't even have its own official website! Anyway, there's a new collection coming out on 15 June.

1. Pure Doll EDT (1365yen): Top notes of mandarin, lemon and bergamot; middle notes of basil and jasmine; and bottom notes of musk, sandalwood and amber.

2. Perfect Volume Mascara, 924yen. Can be removed with just warm water.

3. Perfect Long Mascara, 924yen. A fibre-based mascara that can be removed with warm water.

Other new products coming out on 9 July:
1. Perfect Eyes in PE5 Sugar Black, PE6 Brownie Chocolate, PE7 Cocoa Pink and PE8 Lime Blue, 672yen each.

2. Quick Dry Nail in QK43 Floral Pink, QK45 Shiney Bronze, QK46 Red Heat and QK47 Super Black, 315yen each.


Anonymous said...

have website will be more accessible to all around the world. even canmake has a webbie in jpn and eng

Anonymous said...

wow! new palettes from sweets sweets! do review when they are released!!!

Haru said...

There are actually 4 of these palettes that are already in the shops now. They came out in April, I think but I can't find a pic of them online. The 4 are brown, pink, blue and green. The pigment and texture was ok.