Monday, 7 May 2007

Testimo website update!

The T'estimo official website has been updated with the new summer collection which has the dual themes of "Pure" and "Modern". There are 2 very useful makeup videos on the website that show in great detail how to apply the new eyeshadow palettes. They make the steps look very easy. I highly recommend checking these out to pick up useful application techniques for Asian eyes, even if you're not interested in T'estimo products.

For the Gorgeous Modern look, the products used are:

1. Grand Shine Eyes #3 Brown
2. Shining Eyeliner EX02
3. Attractappeal Mascara BK-30 (first coat)
4. Strongproof Mascara 38 BK32 (used as top coat)
5. Grand Shine Rouge BE175

For the Pure Brightness look, the products used are:

1. Grand Shine Eyes #2 Grey
2. Shining Eyeliner EX01
3. Attractappeal Mascara BK-31 (first coat)
4. Grand Shine Rouge PK225
5. Lasting Gloss Coat

I also saw the testers for the two new shades of Pure Layered Blush, PK21 and OR21. PK21 is the typical light baby pink, most similar to Jill Stuart blush #1. It is paler and less rosy than PK20. PK-21 is used on the model in the Pure Brightness look while OR21 is used on the model for the Gorgeous Modern look. OR21 is a light apricot orange, quite similar to Jill Stuart blush #5. The new Grand Shine Eyes palettes are made with a new "Grand Shine" pearl formula that includes a highly reflective glass powder that has been coated with iron oxide for extra shine.

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Anonymous said...

i took a look at 1 of the video during lunch. ya lor, they make it look so easy, sigh i need to practice more. the shining eye liner is such a interesting pdt...