Thursday, 10 May 2007

Majolica Majorca fall collection

Details of the complete fall collection from MM (sorry, no pics yet) due out on 21 July:

1. Lash Expander Neo (revamped version of Lash Expander), 1 shade, 1260yen

2. Lash Bond (mascara base), 1260yen

3. Jewelling Pencil (eyeliner), 10 shades (yes, 10!), 735yen

4. Rouge Majo Kiss, 9 shades, 924yen

5. Majo Kiss (lip cream), 819yen

6. Shadow Customise (finally!!) , 4 shades, 525yen


Anonymous said...

is shadow customise the single e/s? If so then YEAH!!!!!!!

Haru said...

Yes, that's right!

Anonymous said...

y yeah? prefer paletes. but anways, the new lip stuff sounds gd as well as the shimmery pencil e/liners!!