Thursday, 9 August 2007

Raycious LE Compact Case

Pics of the new limited edition Raycious foundation compact case which just arrived in stores this week. It looks nicer in real life than in the photos as the lid is inlaid with a layer of silver shimmer throughout and the polka dots are not a single color but a gradational metallic purple shade.

P.S. Iz, this is yours! :-)


the Muse said...


I love it :)

You cheeky girl! You located it ;)

*big hugs*

Thanks lovely girl!

the Muse said...

I keep staring at this and I must say this could be my favorite Ray case yet! It's quote funky isn't it?

I'm totally loving the purple!

I'm such an obsessed twit lol!

sheaux said...

hey babe, where do you get your Raycious items? i'm lemming after the Raycious Glamourous Skin Powder but i'm not sure if they carry it in S'pore!!

Haru said...

Raycious is not sold in Singapore but I think it's available on Do check there! I bought my Raycious items in Tokyo.