Saturday, 16 February 2008

Armani Caffe Collection

Armani's Caffe Collection was launched in Japan on 13 February. Armani's promo visuals always feature impossibly glamorous and classically elegant made up models that make me want to snap up the entire collection in the vain hope of replicating some of that magic. I simply love the look on the model, with a clean bare face and a very modern sexy deep red lip. The model is wearing Armani Silk Lipstick #62 Frost Espresso. But the prohibitive prices (3150yen for a nail polish?! Get real...) mean that great restraint is a must in order to avoid financial ruin.

Here are the details on the collection. All items are limited edition except for the 5 Lip Shimmers.

1. Armani Silk Lipstick (3990yen): #16 Vanilla Fudge, #59 Frosted Mocha, #61 Fozen Cocoa and #62 Frost Espresso

2. Armani Shine Lipstick (3990yen): #43 Dolce Rose

3. Armani Sheer Lipstick (3990yen): #28 Almond Latte and #29 Cafe Americano

4. Armani Lip Shimmer (3675yen): #44 Light Beige, #45 Satin Beige, #46 Almond, #47 Hazel and #48 Dark Brown

5. Fluid Shine Nail Polish (3150yen): #36 Praline and #37 Dark Brown

Here's a preview of Armani's forthcoming Face Fabric collection, due out on 20 March, which will feature a new series of nude foundations.

According to, Armani recently opened its first freestanding travel retail beauty Boutique in Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1. Armani also has 4 other beauty outlets in Hong Kong, comprising 3 freestanding boutiques and one counter in Seibu department store. Armani's first beauty store in Taiwan also opened 4 months ago.

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cewek said...

GA's Lip Shimmer #45,#46, and #47 will be mine!!