Monday, 25 February 2008

RMK Fruits

Joining the whitening skincare race, RMK will be launching a new fruits-themed skincare collection on 7 March in Japan.

1. Fruits C: Chewable tablets that contain 150mg of Vitamin C and Vitamin P, plus strawberry juice, peach juice and extract of Job's Tears (adlay). (840yen for pack of 30)

2. Skin Tuner Fruits: Bitter orange-scented skin lotion for brightening the skin. Made with Vitamin C and extracts of raspberry and peach seed to reverse damage by the sun. (4200yen for 175ml)

3. Extra Brightening: Made with 13 brightening ingredients and a bitter lemon fragrance, this supposedly helps to improve the luminosity and clarity of skin. (5775yen for 30g)

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Anonymous said...

what the diff between 187 and 188 mac brush?

which one better to get?