Friday, 29 February 2008

CK Calvin Klein Beauty

The new CK Calvin Klein makeup line is actually the company's third attempt at launching a cosmetics brand. I was a big fan of the second line that was launched in 1999, especially its foundations which were my staple when I first started working. Their Double Satin lipsticks in Cognac, Maple, Burgundy and Pink Smoke were also my absolute favourites and perfect for every occasion. Hence, I was very sad to see the demise of that line.

Well, perhaps third time will be the charm for CK? The new line has the same minimalist, clean aesthetic that is the trademark of Calvin Klein and the color range looks vibrant yet easily wearable without being boring or monotonous. The only thing that I really dislike is the ad campaign featuring a Goth-wannabe with the deathly pale skin, barely there brows, heavily-rimmed eyes and sullen expression. How in the world is that supposed to entice women to the makeup counters?! I mean, would the average woman seriously aspire to look like the model in the ad campaign?

CK cosmetics is currently available in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan but has yet to launch in Singapore. It's also available on Hopefully it'll make it to our shores soon! In the meantime, check out this video from AOL on the launch of the CK cosmetics line at the Spring/Summer '08 collection show.
Milan - Cosmetics - Calvin Klein
Milan - Cosmetics - Calvin Klein

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