Friday, 22 February 2008

Maquia April '08

The April issue of Maquia features Japanese actress (and Coffret D'Or spokesmodel) Nakatani Miki on the cover, looking fresh-faced but smiling a tad unnaturally. Definitely not the best cover she has done.

The theme of the issue is how to appear more feminine. Related to that are a couple of makeup tutorials featuring hot pink and ballet pink makeup themes. There is also an in-depth feature on eye makeup, including makeup tips for single-lidded ladies, reviews of the newest mascaras and eyeliners, the most outstanding eyeshadow palettes as chosen by 10 makeup artists.

There is also the obligatory review of the new foundations hitting the market. All in all, it doesn't look like a very interesting issue.


YM said...

Do you know where one can buy this magazine overseas? I'm interested to subscribe to these periodicals but there does not seem to be any forwarding providers in NZ!


Anonymous said...

hi, I'm loving your blogs and read them almost everyday!
I thought it would be great if you would also post those makeup tutorials and top products listed in magazines as well in your new magazine updates blogs, I think it is interesting and would also be helpful to a lot of us :)

Anonymous said...

Hi .. do you know where to get chinese version? I cant read japanese :( R u in sg? Ha... I think we should exchange magazine etc... i love all these makeup

Haru said...


I don't think there is a Chinese version of Biteki, Voce and Maquia. So far, I've only seen Chinese versions of the Japanese magazines that are devoted more to fashion, such as Vivi, More and Ray.

Yes, I'm in Singapore :-)

Haru said...

Hi Kristen,

Thanks for stopping by and for your suggestion. But I don't buy every issue of Voce, Biteki and Maquia as not every issue is interesting enough for me to want to spend money on them. They are quite a bit more expensive in Singapore than Japan so I'd rather save my money for more makeup! I buy them only once every few months, usually when there is a catalogue of the seasonal collections. But I'll definitely keep the suggestion in mind and see if the opportunity arises.

YM said...

on page 338 of April's Maquia, it features a yellow pressed powder, I can barely make out what the writing says on the rush "..make veil" do you have any idea what brand it is?