Saturday, 16 February 2008

Kiss Website Update

Kiss has updated its website with its new Spring '08 "Happy Blooming" collection. The collection, which will arrive in stores on 17 February, introduces a new Fairy Veil Pact (1785yen), 3 new shades of Nail Enamel R (630yen) and 2 new shades of Pure Jelly Drop (1260yen).

Fairy Veil Pact is a pressed powder that helps to cover up pores and redness. Formulated with moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, amino acids, chamomile extract and apricot oil, it comes in 3 shades, #1 Pearl Beige, #2 Light Beige and #3 Natural Beige. It is non-fragranced with SPF20 and PA++.

The model in the promo visual is wearing:
1. Pure Jelly Drop #8
2. Eye Prism Gradation #1
3. Mascara Premium Long #3
4. Dual Eye Pencil #1
5. Pure Bloom Cheeks #2
6. Mat Chiffon UV Whitening Base #2
7. Fairy Veil Pact #2

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