Friday, 8 February 2008

Dior Lovely

Continuing the pink theme of its Spring '08 makeup collection, Dior will be releasing a "Lovely" makeup set on 1 March in Japan. The set will retail for 23,100yen and it includes:

1. Cinq Couleurs Iridescent #819 Lovely Pink (limited edition)

2. Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect #167 Lovely Pink (limited edition)

3. Mascara DiorShow Black Ultra (full size)

4. Mini Dior Vernis #108 Coconuts Ribbon

5. Dior Addict 2 (5ml)

6. Dior Lovely Pochette: 22cm x 12cm x 7.5cm

Dior will also be releasing 6 new Cinq Couleurs Iridescent palettes, of which 2 are limited edition.
#009 Sky Glow
#409 Tropical Light
#609 Ice Reflection
#809 Petal Shine
#819 Lovely Pink (LE)
#909 Pink May (LE)

Do also check out The Muse's detailed review of the "Bloom In Dior" spring makeup collection. I've been trying my hardest to resist getting this collection which has my favourite promo visual out of all the Spring '08 collections but I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out!


Anonymous said...

looks like an awesome set which is really quite worth it ! :)

btw, Happy CNY :)

the Muse said...

aw thanks so much for the pimp lovie!

I wonder what the model is using! My MA said it was a combo of the two palettes I wonder if that's true!

If you need any help getting it from here let me know ;)

It's a beautiful collection!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Will this be available in US?? Thanks!

Haru said...

I'm not sure if this is a Japan/Asia-exclusive release. Perhaps it's best to check with your local Dior counter? Sorry I can't be of more help.

According to the Japanese Dior website, the model in the spring ad campaign is wearing the Cinq Couleurs Iridescent #909 palette (the purples and pink).

the Muse said...

thanks iris!


Anonymous said...

hi, just received a mailer from isetan singapore today and remembered your post. they will be selling a similar set for S$270, except that it only comes with the bag, dior addict gloss, mascara, fragrance mini, and a dior snow whitening liquid foundation. no mention of the eye shadow palette!