Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Suqqu New Base Makeup

Suqqu has put up a website to showcase its forthcoming new base makeup collection. Due out on 14 March in Japan, the collection includes:

1. Liquid Foundation Aqua: Liquid foundation with a natural finish and light texture. SPF26 PA++ in 6 shades (7350yen for 24ml)

2. Powder Foundation Fresh: Powder foundation that gives a natural, glowy finish and is resistant against sweat and sebum. SPF27 and PA++ in 6 shades. (7350yen for refill 11g, 2100yen for case)

3. Face Protector N: Primer with SPF30 and PA+++ (4725yen for 30g)


Phoenix said...

A lot of companies are releasing new base products this year. Is this pretty normal?

By the way, the new Jill Stuart foundation is called smooth silk powder foundation and it comes in the same colors as the existing one. Based on the sample I have, unlike the existing one, there is no shimmer.

Haru said...

Hi Betsy!

Japanese makeup companies usually revamp their base makeup lines in February/March (for spring/summer) and in July/August (for fall/winter). It's an annual routine for them to keep consumers coming back for what are supposedly the latest innovations. So in Feb/March, you'll see the new foundations that are formulated with higher SPF protection and resistant against sweat and sebum while the foundations for fall/winter put more emphasis on heavy duty moisturising with a lower SPF. A base makeup brand like Revue will have only two collections a year whereas a color makeup brand like Testimo will usually do 4-6 collections.

The current Jill Stuart powder foundation has some shimmer in the pan but once applied, it's not obvious at all.