Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Aube Summer '08

More details on Aube's Summer 08 collection which is set for release on 12 April.

1. Gloss Frutina lipgloss (2100yen): 4 new limited edition shades in EX3 Blood Orange (with blood orange and rosemary scent), EX04 Berry Berry Pink (berry and mint scented), EX5 Plum Pink (plum and lemongrass scented) and EX6 Apple Beige (apple caramel and chamomile scented)

2. Impression Eyes EX01 Cinnamon Brown (limited edition, 3675yen)

3. Puffy Bounce Cheek: #84 Pink, #85 Orange, #86 Highlight (2940yen).


the Muse said...

i want ALLLLLLLLLLLL the glosses!

Japanese glosses flavored?
I'm all over it!

I want 'em I want 'em I want 'em ;)


Anonymous said...

Hello! Love your blog very helpful :] Do you know if Aube is available in Taiwan? TIA!