Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Fine-Fit UV Long Keep

Yet another new base makeup collection, this time from Fine-Fit, which is a Sofina brand. (Sofina also owns Raycious and Aube. Fine-Fit is targeted at ladies in their late 20s to 30s whereas Raycious is for younger women.)

Fine-Fit's new concept for its base makeup is that instead of the usual makeup primer that comes only in 1 shade, it is advocating the use of its new Base Foundation UV Long Keep Liquid (6 shades, 3150yen) as the primer before the new Powder Foundation UV Long Keep (6 shades, 2835yen for refill and 1050yen for case). Both are formulated to be highly resistant against sweat and sebum and to provide good, long-lasting coverage of pores, redness and skin discolorations.

The website also has detailed step-by-step tutorials on how to apply the two products. The tutorials are easy to follow even if you can't read Japanese.


カロリイン said...

mmm...I love its casing...it's so classic looking. :) And I hope this can replace my all-time fave Revue Superior Stay fdn.

Anonymous said...

Hi, is this foundation 2-way, or use dry only? Thanks!

Haru said...

I believe it is dry use only as there's no mention on the Fine-fit website that it is a 2-way foundation.