Saturday, 16 February 2008

Esprique Precious Website Update

The Esprique Precious website has been updated with the new base makeup collection which includes Dramatical Stay Pact UV Foundation SPF25, PA++ (7 shades), Dramatical Stay Liquid UV FoundationSPF25, PA++ (7 shades), Dramatical Stay Base SPF20 PA++ and Mat Veil. Dramatical Stay Pact UV Foundation features a triple-layer technology for a long-lasting flawless finish, namely a bottom layer of Zero Shine Powder which helps to absorb sebum and reduce the appearance of unevenness in the skin, a middle layer of Shine Block Powder and a top layer of Clear Smooth Powder which provide a "soft focus" finish and reduce the appearance of pores.

In the promo visual, model Gemma Ward is wearing Rouge Stylish Full Sparkle (Liquid Type) BE361, Eye Color Selection BE302, BK001 and BE300, Mat Lasting Cream Eyeliner BK001, True Black Mascara WP (Curl Long) BK001, Eyebrow Pencil BR301 and Cheek Color BR300.

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