Thursday, 23 July 2009

Lunasol Website Update

Lunasol has updated its website with the new fall collection. Check out the collection here. The new Star Shower Eyes palettes look very promising and sparkly in this promo visual, hope it's really that stunning in real life!


Bijin Blair said...

Hello Haru!

Totally random but do you know if the fall Maquillage palettes are cream or powder shadows? If they are all cream shadows like the summer ones, then I’ll have to rethink my decision in getting them.

Haru said...


The fall palettes contain 3 powder eyeshadows and 2 cream shades.

. : * justine * : . said...

These look gorgeous and now I think I want all of them! Are these palettes LE or going to be part of the permanent collection?

Haru said...


All the palettes are permanent so you can take your time getting them. Lunasol usually discontinues some of the less popular palettes one to two years after it releases them, unlike other brands which put out limited edition palettes that sell out and are never restocked.

Unknown said...

oh wow.. it look so uber sparkly!!

I love how their label, start of the night, dazzling night etc.. Hope it looks really pretty in real life..