Friday, 28 August 2009

The Body Shop Precious Pearlescents

Another lemming alert: the Body Shop's Precious Pearlescents fall makeup collection has also just been released at the stores here. If you like shimmery, glowy baked mineral blushes/bronzers, then you will probably like new blush trios (S$36.90). The shimmer in these is pretty intense with #2 Warm Sunset being more pigmented than #1 Cool Dusk, a sweet baby pink. These are very generously sized at 8g each, which means they'll probably take forever to use up. The eyeshadows (S$28.90) are lovely too with good color payoff but the shades are not that unique.

I'd probably cave on the two blushes soon, just waiting to see if the Body Shop will offer any promotional prices on them! If not, I'd just use my Star Loyalty 15% discount.


- Kay - said...

Can't waait to try the blushes. Body Shop makeup is surprisingly of very high quality, and their seasonal sales are amazing!

Usagi Chan said...

Woah, how cute are those trio blushers!? And they look so big! The collection hasn't been released anywhere here but I'll check them as soon as they arrive.
Thanks for sharing Haru :)

linda said...

there will be a 30% for members soon!!! me also getting the makeup!! heheh :)

Haru said...

Hey Linda,

30%? That's great news! Will wait for it then :-) Thanks!

Pinky said...

Hi Haru
I fall in love with The Body shop Precious Pearlescents Make-Up too after your post and did some research. is it really in store yet? didn't see it in the mall maybe that is before i saw your blog and now it's in:)

oh, i didn't know they have a star loyalty for 15% now i know how to get it with 30 stamps..haha. i am just a normal "green card" holder with the standard 10% discount hehe

a pity the range is limited and we only have cool baby pink "cool dusk" or warm sunset to play with. Haru, do you think these mineral blush will have better payoff and higher pigments than MAC mineral baked blush?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of getting Too Faced blushes sold at Sephora. Are they any good?

Haru said...

Hey Pinky,

Compared to MAC Mineralise blushes, I think the Body Shop Pearlescent blushes are slightly less pigmented but just as shimmery, depending on how you mix the shades. The Pearlescent collection arrived in stores last week so you can check them out anytime!

I'm not familiar with Too Faced blushes but you should be able to find reviews on's Productville section.

Pinky said...

Dear Haru

Diane said...

I can't wait to get some of the blushers and the eyeshadows!!! So taking advantage of the 30% off :)