Friday, 14 August 2009

Toy & Comic Convention '09

The 2nd Singapore Toy & Comic Convention is taking place from today until this Sunday at Suntec City. I went to check it out today mainly for Blythe and Tokidoki. Blythe's Creative Producer Junko Wong and Tokidoki creator Simon Legno are both gracing the event.

The Blythe booth was easily one of the most popular thanks to the eye-catching array of customised dolls. Unlike the exhibitions in Tokyo where photographs are usually not allowed, everyone was snapping away merrily here.

I know some people find the Blythe dolls freaky with their big heads and huge eyes. I don't collect these dolls but I love seeing all the wonderfully creative designs. It's obvious that a lot of effort is put into every single one, from the hairstyle, to the makeup, eye pieces and clothes.

I got the new Blyth Fashion Obsession book (S$50) and the 2010 schedule book (S$27) and had both autographed by Junko Wong :-) She was wonderfully warm and super friendly! She took the time to shake each individual's hand and ask their name before signing.

The book is supposed to be much cheaper than the price in Kinokuniya which is around S$70. I was especially delighted to find the 2010 schedule books on sale as I have been using these for the past 2 years. I always get one for my close buddy as well, so it's become a tradition of ours. There are 4 cover designs available with identical pages inside.

The Tokidoki stall, on the other hand, was a bit of a disappointment as the merchandise on sale comprised mostly T-shirts, caps, some stationery and Tokidoki for Hello Kitty stuff. There were no bags but I guess you can get these easily at the store in Iluma. Simon Legno will be signing autographs tomorrow but only for 100 people.

Some of the other booths at the event.

I was lemming this grey monk figure but it cost a whopping $70!

Overall, it was quite an interesting convention as there is an interesting variety of graphic art and toys on display. Even SingPost has a store selling its Hello Kitty horoscope stamp collection! Admission is free.


カロリイン said...

OMG! Iris, I was so tied up by work until I lost track of this convention. I love Blythe. Especially the petite version, they are so cute. :) Envy... u manage to the schedule book. Thanks for the post. :)

momomarukochan said...

I was there too in the morning. But had to leave at around 1pm, so I missed the autograph session by Junko Wong. =(

Unknown said...

Tokidokiiiii <3 I'd have spent half a day in front of it! haha
I have a huge bag from the brand which I bought years ago for cheap in a random stationery shop. In Hungary! hah It's still a miracle how it got there =D

. : * justine * : . said...

Sad that they didn't have any of the Tokidoki bags... they're my newest/old obsession but it's not so easy to find them here! Are they popular in Singapore?

And the intricacy of the Blythe dolls is amazing, I love the doll in the kimono...

Anonymous said...

Ahhh!! Everytime I read yr blog I feel damn happy because its updated & interesting. But sometimes wanna cry because I have increased my expenditure because of u. LOL but thanks anyways!! :):) Please keep it up :)

Haru said...

Hey Caroline,

The convention is on until Sunday so you still have a chance to attend it. Don't miss it! The Blythe booth is worth the visit :-)

Hey momomarukochan,

Sorry to hear that you missed the autograph session. I think Junko is appearing again today, so if you're free perhaps can go down again?

Hi Mary,
Sounds like a great find! I have loved Tokidoki ever since they collaborated with LeSportsac a few years ago.

Hi justine,

Tokidoki is quite popular in Singapore. There are tons of fakes from China selling everywhere and you can get these for just $5 to $10 each. But you do see people carrying the authentic Tokidoki bags as well.

Unknown said...

Oh I know! It was only ~$10!! And the only one in the store. Plus back then I didn't know what Tokidoki was, but the bag was too cute to leave there =D

Their HK stuffs are uber cute! *.*

makeupmag said...

Tokidoki! <3

Summer Strawberry said...

Love your blog!
I went to the convention as well... Love the Blythe organiser but didnt get a copy. There's a printing error in month of January.