Thursday, 13 August 2009

Jill Stuart Interview

Designer Jill Stuart was interviewed in the September issue of Sweet. Here's my own totally unofficial translation!

Q: What are your thoughts on the 5th anniversary of Jill Stuart Beauty?
A: I wanted to create a beauty brand that could make all ladies happy. Aside from Japan, there are many ladies around the world who love Jill Stuart cosmetics and are excited and delighted by them. I'm very thankful to all the people who love and support the brand.

Q: Why did you want to create a beauty line?
A: I've always loved makeup since I was a child. Progressing from fashion into cosmetics was a very natural evolution. I've always wanted to create my own beauty line so that there could be a complete Jill Stuart look that included not only the clothing but also the makeup. I'm very happy that my dream has come true!

Q: How do you get ideas for the products?
A: The makeup is inspired by my fashion collections. For example, the current fall fashion collection has a rock girl theme and so the makeup is centred around smokey eyes.

Q: What are you particularly proud of?
A: I'm very proud of the color selection, high product quality and cute packaging. In particular, the packaging makes one smile just by holding it and it is something you feel good about when using it in front of your friends. It was my aim to make such adorable and delightful products.

Q: What products would you like to create next?
A: I'm always thinking of new product ideas. Currently, we are developing a line of candles. I have always loved relaxing bath products such as scrubs and bath syrups. I am also very interested in skincare and would like to develop a more extensive line.

Q: Any makeup advice for Sweet readers?
A: Sweet readers are very feminine and cute. There are no fixed rules in makeup so always enjoy it, play around with various looks and be happy!

Q: Tell us about the 5th anniversary makeup collection.
A: It was created with the hope that all women have many fortunate things waiting for them in their future. Hence, everything looks like a precious gem! My favourite is the Crystal Diamond Powder that can be worn as a necklace that goes well with both jeans and dresses. The powder can be used on the eyes as well as on the nails.

Q: What is the theme of your fall fashion collection?
A: It's a glam rock style with a romantic twist so you see a mix of black leather pants mixed with lace and satin.

Q: What is the theme of your fall makeup collection?
A: Like the fall fashion colelction, the makeup collection has a rock vibe hence you see dark navy lined eyes paired with peach pink cheeks. The makeup is a contrast of pure angel and vixen elements. The model is a sweet rock girl.

Jill's favourite items are the Sugar Body Scrub and the Eau de Toilette with its diamond-like cap.


Amie said...

I enjoy the translation. entertaining. thanks for transferring the jap word to us, who know nothing lol

you studied jap before?

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the trasnaltion! I enjoyed it very much.