Sunday, 9 August 2009

Jill Stuart 5th Anniversary

From 2Channel, pics of the Jill Stuart 5th Anniversary collection mailer.

Pics of the black velvet box GWP that is currently going on in Japan. Looks like a clunker!


stellarvixen said...

they are such a pretty ones!
oh hime-sama~~ blingbling

shopaholic said...

I was in HK late last week, bought some stuff from its flagship store at Times Square. The SA was encouraging me to spend more to get that black box but I wasn't intrigued by its design nor functionality. Frankly, if the gift was mini size gloss or something useful, I would be more keen.

Catherine said...

Not loving the box, necessarily, but I just adore that lip gloss charm. So cute!

Ti_Amo said...

That GWP is in Taiwan too! I think you have to spend 3000+ NTD to get it, but I had already gotten the prettier white one a few weeks before. I agree on the clunkiness, and the 5th anniversary one looks so pretty but I'd be afraid to break it!