Monday, 10 August 2009

Jill Stuart Vixen & Angelic

Check out this Japanese blog for close-up pics of the new Jill Stuart eyeshadow palettes and blush compacts from the new Vixen & Angelic collection. I haven't asked for a CP of this collection as there's nothing that is tempting me. Most of it feels like a rehash of shades that Jill Stuart has released before and similar to the items I already have in my collection. In any case, all the items are permanent so I figure I can always pick them up on my next trip to Japan if I want to.


Anonymous said...

hi babe, any idea where to purchase jill stuart cosmetic onine, rather than go hongkong or taiwan or japan n buy? :)

Haru said...


You can buy Jill Stuart online at,, and The prices do vary so you should compare them.

stellarvixen said...

just hearing VIXEN i want it badly lol
thanks for the links to purchase JillStuart online!!

Anonymous said...

okie okie , tks babe:)

snownatsumi said...

I am an avid reader of your blog since a few months ago, and i was wondering if you could advise me on Jill Stuart eyeshadow palettes.
What is the difference in terms of texture, application, and final results btw illuminance eyes, seductive eyes, and brilliance eyes?

Thanks so much for your time !

Haru said...

Hi Snownatsumi,

Sorry for taking awhile to reply to your comment! Brilliance Eyes is basically the most shimmery of the three and many people complain about the fallout, especially of small shimmer particles on your cheeks.

Seductive Eyes is distinguished by its matte base shade with three shimmery shades in each palette. But personally, I hate the matte base shades and never touch those. I much prefer to use my trusty Testimo Eye Bright Up Base.

As for Illuminance Eyes, it's quite similar to Brilliance Eyes as the shades are all shimmery but the level of sparkle/shimmer varies with some shades being more finely milled with more of a pearl shimmer. There is less fallout with Illuminance Eyes but some of the shades also tend to be less pigmented than Brilliance Eyes.

I would recommend selecting the color combination that appeals to you the most as in general, the quality of Jill Stuart's palettes is quite high.