Friday, 28 August 2009

MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics

MAC's Makeup Art Cosmetics collection has been launched exclusively at Isetan Scotts. The counter is offering makeover sessions with your look to be "immortalised on canvas by an accomplished artist" after the makeover for $120 (fully redeemable for products).

I was very tempted to get On Display and Young Thing lipglasses as well as Full Body lipstick. Full Body and On Display are deep plummy reds that I always have a soft spot for while Young Thing looks like a lovely shimmery nude. The eyeshadow quads were too blah for my liking. The green-toned quad Photo Realism looked the most interesting but I think Chanel's Murano quad beats it hands down in terms of texture and the color combination.

Despite the attractive offers on at the Isetan Beauty Festival, I left empty-handed tonight as there were just too many items that I was tempted by! Except for RMK's Autumn Mystique collection which turned out to be a disappointment. The blush and eyeshadow palettes have some chalky shades with poor color payoff.

Here's the Anna Sui GWP currently at Isetan Orchard.


littlewing said...

That's disappointing to hear about the RMK. D: I was so excited when pics first started surfacing on the web, but I'm glad I didn't jump in and get them now.

Anonymous said...

did u do any swatches on the Mac counters for the new collection? how r the colors like? r all the collection for the 3 artists there already?

saintangelius said...

When you say "immortalised on canvas by an accomplished artist" do you mean they are going to paint you on a piece of canvas or print your picture on a canvas? I do know that they probably intend to paint your face ^__^ Sad to hear about RMK. At least I know the summer ones are still on sale.

Haru said...


It sounds like they will have an artist to draw your likeness on a piece of paper, rather than take your photo like what is usually done at these makeovers. Hence, the set-up of the promotional studio to include the easels you see in the photos.

All three collections, plus the new nail polish collection are already out at Isetan Scotts. I swatched the eyeshadow quads and singles, lipsticks and lipglassess. I wasn't impressed by the eyeshadow singles, which look like quite difficult colors to pull off while the quads were a mish mash of nice silky shades and chalky shades. The lipsticks were nice as they are mostly Lustres which have a lovely glossy, moisturising finish and there are some pretty shades among the lipglassess too. I didn't take any pics of my swatches as there are already plenty of swatch pics available on other blogs such as Temptalia and

Anonymous said...

I bought the Prep & Prime Skin only from MAC counter. Wanted to try out the lip conditioner (tube) but was out of stock.