Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Sweet & Steady Sep '09

Picked up the September issues of Sweet (S$19) and Steady (S$17.20) which arrived in Kinokuniya today. Sweet came with a green/black gingham print Paul & Joe Sister polyester tote bag while Steady came with a Rebecca Taylor zip pouch and scrunchie.

The Paul & Joe tote is well-made and does not feel flimsy at all. It is very roomy with a broad base, perfect for people like me who like to throw lots of random stuff in their bags and go.

On the other hand, I was disappointed with the quality of the Rebecca Taylor accessories as they are very thin and felt somewhat cheap. The mag itself is still an interesting read as it comes with a special hair section with 100 ways of arranging your hair.

Some of the fall makeup looks featured in Sweet.

This pair of limited edition Lancome Palettes Blush, Eye & Face (6825yen) will be released in Japan on 11 September. Looks very promising! The embossed print reminds me of Majolica Majorca somehow.

The October issue of Sweet (due out 12 September) will come with an Anna Sui cosmetic case.

The October issue of Steady (due out 7 September) will come with an Agnes B. Voyage canvas tote bag (18x32x11.5cm) with a heart shaped charm. I'll probably be snapping both up!

The Marc by Marc Jacobs mook with the large canvas tote is back in stock at Kinokuniya. The first shipment sold out in a flash, predictably so as it's quite rare to score a Marc Jacobs tote for just S$27.


makeupmag said...

Aww, now you've given me lemmings for the two mags when I've been off them for a while! ;)

Yumeko said...

i am definetely hunting down the anges b and anna sui mags when they come out here in japan! thanks for the headsup

kuri said...

ah, now I think I have to buy the Paul & Joe tote, as I don't have one that size :B

And I forgot about the Marc Jacobs mook... will go look for it at lunch.

Beauty Basics said...

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Whitepiano555 said...

ah, first sight i thought those Lancome palettes are new collection of Majolica. hahaha

pretty-big-eyes said...

Oops, i think i posted a comment on the wrong post just now ;p sorry.

When will the Steady magazine for Agnes B be out in sg kino? 7 sept?

Thanks for all the information!

Haru said...


Kino Singapore's air shipment days for magazines from Japan are Wednesdays and Fridays so probably Steady will arrive on Wed 9 September.

Unknown said...

Your blog is nice & informative. Thanks for sharing the beauty tips with us.

Haru said...

Hi Rach,

I haven't seen any listing for a Jill Stuart mook with this pouch. Amazon Japan doesn't have any listed at the moment. Will report on the blog f I see it!

tiggercheeze said...

so i suppose Sweet mag for anna sui will be out on the 16sept?