Thursday, 27 August 2009

Isetan Beauty Festival

The Isetan Beauty Festival is on again from 28 August to 10 September. From 28-30 August, you can get a 10% beauty bonus voucher with minimum purchase of $100 and every subsequent $50 purchase of cosmetics and fragrances. Also, look out for the new fall makeup collections from RMK (Autumn Mystique), Lancome (Declaring Indigo), MAC (Makeup Art Cosmetics), Bobbi Brown (Ivy League) and more.

Check out the full newsletter here for the full list of events, promotions and GWPs.


Anonymous said...

I've been very restrained for the past 2 mths & not buying much. I am surprised by myself for being so self-disciplined. I do need a face base/primer as mine is running out. Maybe, I'll drop by Isetan to check-out the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base. I heard this is kind of good.

❤ るうかぴょん said...

Hi Haru,
im really interested in P&J, but dont really know much about this brand.
Do P&J always have GWP?
I'd like to go to Takashimaya one because i heard that they offer the most various GWP there, is that true? I heard that P&J outlet there also very quiet, so it's quite nice also :)

Haru said...


Actually all the P&J counters tend to be quite quiet normally unless they are having an event. Even on weekends, it's usually not crowded so you can browse at leisure and ask the SA easily for help if you need to. P&J always has GWPs, usually makeup pouches, purses, tote bags or even trolley bags featuring the prints from the seasonal collections.

❤ るうかぴょん said...

thanks for your reply :)

Do you always find P&J SA helpful and kind?
Because whenever i went to Shiseido to search for their products, they tend to ignore me and seems a bit annoyed. They treat aunties better.
They know I'm still below 20 :(

Which P&J stall you went usually?
Sorry to ask so many questions~
Thank you so much :D

Haru said...

I usually go to the P&J counter at Isetan Scotts (where Lido cinema is). The SAs there are usually quite friendly. I usually don't need much assistance from the SAs anyway, except to ask about prices and promotions so I usually just call them over when I've made up my mind what I want.