Sunday, 9 August 2009

Bourjois Smokey Eyes

Just spotted these adorable Bourjois Smokey Eyes palettes (2100yen) on Plaza Style! These baked mineral eyeshadows are supposed to last up to 8 hours and make it super easy to create a gradational smokey look.

Available in 8 shades: #1 Glee Dandy, #2 All Baroque, #3 Mode Chic, #4 Nude Ingenue, #5 Rose Vintage, #6 Violet Romantic, #7 Blue Rock and #8 Veil Trendy.

Plaza Style has an exclusive advance launch of these since 5 August. The collection will go on sale elsewhere on 25 August. Some pics from Plaza Style's website.

Check out this page for close-up pics of each palette.


Karelessly in Love said...

ooooh lovely!! I want almost all of them! Can't wait for them to reach our shores.

kuri said...

wow, super cute! I need to go swatch them. All Baroque and Nude Ingenue look pretty.

Catherine said...

Oh these are gorgeous!

dark nyx said...

Violet Romantic looks gorgeous!

Ser said...

so cute! Round shape! heehee
where can we get them/are they coming to our country??

makeupmag said...

I can't wait to swatch these. They look wonderful. I have my eye on the taupe, green and blue smokes!