Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Addiction Website Update

The Addiction website has been updated with the Aurora Reflection collection, including a video clip on the shooting of the stunning ad visual. According to Creative Director Ayako's message, the collection was inspired by the "mysterious strong pastels" of the aurora lights of Scandinavia, and fairy tales by Han Christian Andersen. You can follow Ayako on Twitter.

The model on the left is wearing Emotional Blush over Romantic Cheek Stick, Coppelia Lipgloss, and Silent Scream Eyeshadow. The model on the right is wearing Romantic Blush over Romantic Cheek Stick, Miss You More Lipgloss, Blue Moon and Ice Storm Eyeshadows. Both are also wearing the Dewy Glow Foundation that is due to be launched in September in Japan.

1 comment:

MatryoshkaDoll said...

The colors themselves look beautiful, but I'm getting the sense that this promo image is photoshopped? It looks like they completely applied the makeup using a photoshop program.

That being said, I love Addiction and find their colors absolutely stunning!