Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sneak peeks of holiday collection from Lunasol, Anna Sui, Suqqu and YSL

Japanese beauty journalist Tomoichi tweeted these pics of the holiday collections from Lunasol, Anna Sui, Suqqu and YSL. The release dates stated are for Japan.

Lunasol Party Coffret 2011: To be released on 11 November, this year's coffret includes a new Three Dimensional Eyes palette, a pink Cream Cheek, a mini face powder and a lipgloss.

Anna Sui limited edition mirror (2625yen) to be released on 3 November.

Suqqu base makeup set to be released on 18 November. Includes a full size foundation and deluxe samples of the moisturising cream, lotion, essence and another cream.

YSL Palette Noel, to be released on 28 October.


Jamilla Camel said...

Waaahhh! I love it all - but I just spent a bomb on a new camera!

Blovet Beauty said...

whao that YSL palette looks smoking hot!

Rock on! Anna Sui said...

I can't wait to see the rest of the Anna Sui Christmas collection if it's also stained glass themed!

Svensken said...

I love Anna Sui. Do you know any swedish websites that sell her cosmetic?

Haru said...

hi Svensken,
I'm afraid I don't know of any Swedish websites selling Anna Sui cosmetics.