Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Suqqu Fall 2011

Below are pics from Hankyu of Suqqu's fall makeup collection, which will be released on 2 September in Japan with an advance launch at Hankyu's Umeda store on 17 August.

Blend Color Eyeshadow (7140yen): 07 Komorebi (木漏日), 08 Mizuaoi (水葵) and EX-04 Toukaede (唐楓). EX-04 is limited edition.

Face Color Palette (7350yen; limited edition)

Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist in three limited edition shades (5250yen): EX-01 Sangoiro (珊瑚色; pink), EX-02 Himehagicha (姫萩茶; pink beige) and EX-03 Usubeni (淡紅; clear red)


Jamilla Camel said...

I can see me adding the face palette to my collection! Thanks for the pics!

kuri said...

gorgeous collection as always.
The face palette is really tempting, but too pricy for me :)

kAt said...

the eye palette colour looks like a ss collection more than a fw

makeupmag said...

EX-03 Usuben = pretty!

Unknown said...

I love this Suqqu Fall!

The blue tones are so pretty and also the face color.

Lisa x