Friday, 26 August 2011

L'Occitane Verbena Leaf Soap

Last week, I got tired of dealing with the slippery Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly, so I popped into L'Occitane and picked up their Verbena Leaf Soap (S$10).

I love the fresh citrusy scent of L'Occitane's Verbena range, which isn't too sharp or generic. I've tried both the Verbena shampoo and conditioner previously but they didn't work well with my hair.

Aside from the lovely scent, I also like the good exfoliating action provided by the crushed verbena leaves in the soap. The scrubby bits don't feel as sharp on my skin as Lush Porridge Soap. The all-vegetal, non-detergent cleansing base is supposed to be non-drying. And indeed, it doesn't cause any dry patches or tightness on my skin after rinsing off, unlike many other bar soaps. Nevertheless, I still use a body lotion post-shower to keep my skin properly hydrated.

It also lathers up much faster than Lush Shower Jelly and doesn't leave a strong scent on my skin. I like to use this especially if I've worn sunscreen lotion on that day, as this cleanses my skin thoroughly.

Love this!


Laura D.P. said...

does it work against vampires??

Haru said...

Only if you are a Vampire Diaries fan!

MudpieVivi said...

Iris, I LOL when I saw the pic of this leaf soap! When I was in Paris for a biz trip, the hotel we stayed in used L'Occitane toiletries - obviously I was thrilled! They gave the miniature version of this soap.

I refused to let my hubby use any of them, and the best part was everyday the hotel replenished the supplies! When hubby went for reservist training and asked if he could use some, I still said NO! Why waste it on his army buddies?! :P If I go Paris again, I promised myself to stock up on L'Occitane products as they are very expensive here!

Haru said...

I think the soap isn't significantly expensive in Singapore, compared to France. It's 5 euros in France, which is about S$8.80. I can't remember the price in Singapore but I think it was less than S$15.

FarahDean said...

I love this range. I esp love it when it gets too hot. The price however has gone up quite a bit from days I used to stockpile on them. I just bag a whole lot of the travel sz showergel so I can lug on trips.

Kas said...

I always pick up this soap and then put it back and never got around to purchasing it! But now that you've shown me that it can look a little "scrubby", im intrigued. I called the boutique in Singapore - it retails for SGD$10 :)

MudpieVivi said...

Thanks for all the price info - now I can save luggage space for the really important stuffs ;p