Friday, 12 August 2011

Steam Cream at BHG Bugis Japan & Korea Fair

Popped by BHG at Bugis Junction today to check out the ten new Steam Cream designs launched at BHG's Japan & Korea Fair. Some of the designs launched in July were also still available.

BHG is giving away a grey/orange reversible drawstring pouch with purchase of 2 tins.

It was tough deciding which ones to get but eventually, I settled on Lou-Lou and Waioli.

I liked the charming autumn theme of Lou-Lou with the bright pops of yellow against the purple background.

The cheerful Hawaiian theme of Waioli reminded me of my honeymoon last year in Honolulu :-)

When selecting the tins, I also look at whether the design wraps around the whole tin as some of the designs have a plain bottom.

Some other brands at the fair.

Gransenbon blushes on sale for just S$15!

Also spotted the new OPI Touring America collection, which looked lovely.


Jamilla Camel said...

How fun! I could do a lot of damage to my plastic there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,
I live in Mexico, so I can't get a hold of steam cream here, would it be possible for you to help me buy one of the tins? :(

Haru said...

Perhaps you can order from They have free international delivery.

Anonymous said...


When does the fair end?

Haru said...

I think it's until 28 August, but Steam Cream will still be available at BHG after the fair.

milktea said...

What a great fair!! We need one of these in Malaysia! :-)