Thursday, 11 August 2011

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB and Jelly Starter

Aqua Petit Jelly BB and its accompanying primer, Aqua Petit Jelly Starter, were recently released by Holika Holika as lighter alternatives to the usual BB creams for the summer months.

The heavy frosted glass jars are not travel-friendly but one thoughtful feature of the packaging is the spatula attached to the cap, which is a much more hygienic way of dispensing the product, instead of sticking one's fingers into the jar.

The Jelly BB and Jelly Starter both promise "soft and bouncy skin" through a host of moisturising agents.

The Jelly BB comes in two shades. The lighter shade, #1 Aqua Beige turned out to be a good match for my skintone. The Jelly BB has a light watery jelly texture, which is quite different from the usual BB creams. It spreads very easily on the skin without streaking, but it does require a bit more effort to blend over areas with enlarged pores.

Both the Petit Jelly BB and the Starter come packaged with a large sponge but I usually prefer to apply with my fingers instead.

The Jelly Starter comes in only one shade, a pale pink with iridescent shimmer. Unlike the Jelly BB which has SPF20 PA++, the Jelly Starter does not provide sun protection.

When applied, it gives my skin a bit of a glow, without looking too pink-toned or oily/shiny. Although it claims to cover up blemishes, it doesn't perform well in that respect. Nevertheless, it does help to make application of the Jelly BB smoother and easier.

Of the two, I like the Jelly BB much more, whereas the Jelly Starter is fairly ordinary to me. It has no greyish undertone and its light texture feels fresh and comfortable on my skin, which gets oily very quickly in Singapore's humid weather. The Jelly BB does a good job of evening out my skintone. The coverage is sheer to medium, and a separate concealer is needed for larger blemishes.

The oil control was decent, with my T-zone starting to shine only after 2.5 hours. With some foundations, my T-zone starts getting oily in less than an hour. With the Jelly BB, I have to blot about every two hours. Overall, I think the Jelly BB is a good option to explore if you are averse to the dense textures of the usual BB creams. In South Korea, it costs just 13,500won (about S$15.20) whereas in Singapore, it costs S$32.90. Nevertheless, I think that is still relatively affordable, plus you can get a 10% discount if you are a member.

The other products used for this look include: Holika Holika Midnight Owl #2 and Enamel Magic Melomovie Mascara, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Lancome Color Design All-in-one Palette Emerald Boudoir, MAC Hot House Lipglass, Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation #102 Natural Ivory, K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow #1 and Shiseido Automatic Fine Eyeliner.

For the Lancome palette, I used all the shades except for the emerald shade.

List of ingredients for the Petit Jelly BB.

List of ingredients for the Starter.


Jamilla Camel said...

I LOVE visiting other countries and trying brands I've never heard of..thanks for the review!

Felice said...

Thanks for the review Haru! I was at Holika Holika 2 days ago & was so tempted to buy the Jelly BB but decided to wait for your review first. I'm gonna give this BB a try. :)

axi_1099 said...

Nice makeup :) You're beautiful :)

Beauté_Poet said...

Cute packaging for those bb creams. I will have to put those on my list to try. BB creams take so long to use up. Currently using the hot pink skin 79 and it's not too bad.

Thanks for sharing!

supreme899 said...

Can you tell me which is which no.?(The pinkish or yellow?) I'm going to buy this but still a bit confuse about the shades like which is darker? thank youu :)

Haru said...

the beige product is the Aqua Petite Jelly BB which is a BB cream. The pink product is the Aqua Petite Jelly Starter, which is a moisturising primer without sun protection.

Anonymous said...

I prefer my make up not to be to light and I know the Aqua Jelly Petite BB cream comes in two shades...No. 1 and 2. Which is darker and has more yellow undertones? Could you please describe two different shades that it comes in? Much thanks!

Haru said...

#2 is the darker shade, I can't remember how it compares in terms of the yellow tone to #1. I can't describe it in any more detail as I do not have access to any Holika shops and this post was done in 2011.

Adelaide said...

Thank you for this great review. It was really helpful. I was drawn to the packaging.