Thursday, 18 August 2011

Anna Sui Perfect Mascara

Anna Sui's new Perfect Mascara in Rich Black (S$41; 5g/0.17oz) promises lush, full lashes that stay curled all day long, creating the optical illusion of larger eyes.

Typical of Anna Sui, the slick black tube with the rose and heart motif is the most elaborately designed mascara tube I've ever seen. It would look right at home in a Gothic Lolita's purse. It also bears Anna Sui's signature rose scent, which is highly unusual for a mascara.

The film-type mascara contains ultra-fine short fibres that supposedly layer to a smooth reflective finish. It is also formulated with a "fast dry powder" that adds volume and helps separate the lashes, plus a "curl keep" polymer" and "triple solid oil" to help the fibres mesh together for long, voluminous lashes.

The long slim brush is tapered at both ends to help reach all the lashes while the thicker center portion of the brush deposits more product on the middle lashes for a more wide-eyed effect.

After wearing the Perfect Mascara over the past few days, I found that it does a better job of defining and lengthening the lashes than adding volume. It doesn't provide a false lash-like effect, but it did hold the curl of my lashes over a whole day better than Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells Mascara (though not as well as Canmake Agebuto mascara).

The slender brush is very easy to work with. It is particularly good for reaching the shorter lashes at the inner corners and along my lower lashline, without causing smudges on the eyelids. The jet black formula applies very smoothly but it does take quite a few sweeps through the lashes to build up to the desired length. However, one positive point is that the mascara doesn't clump even after applying a few layers. There was also no flaking or smudging over more than 12 hours of wear. Although it contains fibres and fragrance, I didn't experience any eye irritation with the Perfect Mascara.

The mascara is removable with warm water, but I found that by after gently rubbing and splashing with warm water, there were still some fibres and smudges remaining around my eyes. Hence, I prefer to use a cotton pad soaked with eye makeup remover, which does the job much more quickly and thoroughly. It also minimises the need to rub the delicate lashes.

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Unknown said...


Pick it up.
Point it at your lashes and whisper...........WINGARDIUN LEVIOSA!!


Lauren said...

I wish Anna Sui products were more easily accessible in California :(

Audrey said...

good morning Haru!
i always in love with Anna sui product but aaata..i found their product laden with wee too much of alcohol

a quick question, my sister bought a AAA grade Fakey LV wallet and i have a real one, the family compared side by side, wow lau, same sia!! maybe the only diff is the minimalist diff but overall looks real same..will you buy the fakey one that looks real? family joke now:P

enjoy all your posts, thanks dearie!

Haru said...

Hi Old Cow,
Haha, now that you mention it, it does look like a fancy wizard's wand!

Hi Lauren, carries Anna Sui makeup, so do check it out if you would like to order some Anna Sui stuff!

Hi Audrey,
I would never buy fake goods. Even if they look very similar to the real thing, you would know that they are fake. And i don't think that one should support counterfeiters in ripping off the work of legitimate brands.

Audrey said...

yes that's true, we should not support those fakey brand that seek to fool us, just a random chat though. thanks :)

Eunice said...

Hi iris,
Lovely eye color! It's what I imagine addiction fall collection's deep forest eyeshadow would look like.. I've my eyes on the addiction fall collection, esp blue moon eyeshadow. How abt u? What would u be getting from the collection?

Jamilla Camel said...

You are my mascara queen - thanks for the review!!