Monday, 1 August 2011

Paul & Joe Manhattan Collection has posted more pics of the second part of Paul & Joe's Manhattan collection which will be released on 2 September in Japan. For Singapore, the release date is reportedly 1 September. The collection includes:
1. Color Palette: 3 palettes (5250yen each)
2. Lipstick M: 3 shades (3150yen)
3. Pencil Eyeliner WP: 3 shades (1890yen)
4. Nail Enamel: 3 shades (1680yen)
5. Finishing Pressed Powder imprinted with a skyscraper motif (5250yen)

All the items are limited edition. The new Creamy Powder Foundation (5250yen, 6 shades) will also be released on the same date.

Color Palette 001 is inspired by Fifth Avenue with shimmery off-white and gold, pink brown and dark brown eyeshadows coupled with a warm red blush.

Color Palette 002 is inspired by the fashionable Chelsea neighbourhood and contains pink pearl, beige, pearly purple and black eyeshadows and a coral blush. I love the look of the hot pink lipstick and dark purple nail polish!

Color Palette 003, with off-white, orange, plum and olive eyeshadows and a warm orange blush, is inspired by Central Park in the fall.

See more pics on Bijin Blair.


Jamilla Camel said...

I'm really loving this! I am going to be bankrupt this fall!

Unknown said...

hmm.... really not too sure about these palettes since seeing them now. The color shades are pretty but the palette casing itself look rather big and bulky?

What do you think?

p.s Is there a way to contact you privately?

lisa x

Haru said...

hi Lisa,
I'll probably pick up one of the paletts but they don't look different enough for me to want to collect all of them. I don't think the cases are excessively bulky as they don't look that thick. You can email me at izuc77 at hotmail.

kuri said...

wow, such pretty palettes! that red nail polish looks nice too.

Girl Hearts Makeup said...

oooh the fact that these palettes are inspired by NYC makes me want to buy them all! which palette are you eyeing?

roughly how much will they cost in SGD?

Haru said...

I'll probably pick Color Palette #002 as I usually prefer purple over brown eyeshadows. My guess is that the palettes will be around S$70 to S$80.

Girl Hearts Makeup said...

I see. I'll probably get palette 3 but if it's going to be $80, it's going to break my bank! MAC has a great fall collection coming up.

Girl Hearts Makeup said...

which palette do you think is the most natural looking? xD

Haru said...

The most natural looking one is probably Palette 001 with the brown eyeshadows.