Saturday, 13 August 2011

FOTD with RMK Dusty Bright Colors

Here's a sneak preview of some products from the RMK Dusty Bright Colors fall collection, which will be launching in Singapore in a couple of weeks!

First up is the Sheer Powder Cheeks EX-01 Beige Pink (S$65; 2g). The collection includes another two new shades, EX-02 Orange and EX-03 Rosy Brown. All three blushes are limited edition. This applies as a natural pink with a soft satin finish, giving the cheeks a healthy tint of color. RMK blushes are as pricey as Chanel Joues Contraste but RMK's blush compacts come with a much softer brush.

Gloss Lips N P-10 Red (S$36; 6.8g) looks like an intense crimson in the tube but on the lips, it applies semi-sheer with just a bit of shine. The collection includes another three new lipgloss shades.

RMK has also introduced its own line of false lashes for the first time. There are six designs in total, of both partial and full lashes. The pic below shows Eye Lash N #3, which is thicker from the middle of the lashes to the outer corner. This is made in Vietnam and does not come with any eyelash glue.

Nail Color EX-06 Green (S$25; 12ml) is a mossy green with gold shimmer. There are three other nail polishes in the collection but only EX-06 Green is limited edition.

Dusty Bright Eyes 02 Grayish Green (3g) is an unusual combo of a dusky green cream eyeshadow paired with a silver powder eyeshadow. This is used on the model for the ad visual. I'm not sure of the price but my guess is that it will be S$62, like the Mix Colors for Eyes as both products retail at 3990yen in Japan.

Under the screw top cover, the cream eyeshadow is covered with another plastic lid, which falls into place with a firm snap, to keep the cream eyeshadow from drying out.

While lifting up the lid for the first time, unfortunately I nicked the surface of the eyeshadow.

The silver eyeshadow is extremely lustrous and fine. It is more of a nuance/highlighting shade to add some shine to the lid. It's too shiny to be used all over the upper lid for the office, but it can be used along the lower lashline to make the eyes look more awake. It applied smoothly as a layer of silver sparkles without feeling gritty or flying all over the place. Even in a low light situation at night, the sparkles still catch the light well. It also lasts quite well without any fallout.

The brush applicator is quite well-designed with each end thoughtfully labelled.

I followed the instructions in the leaflet and used the brush to first apply the green cream eyeshadow and then blend it with my fingertip. The cream sets quite fast to a powder finish. There's not a lot of time for blending but the plus side is that once it sets, it doesn't budge, crease or smear at all.

Next, I used the other end of the brush applicator to apply the silver shade over the green shade, in the crease, the inner corners and along the lower lashlines. I applied a light green shade from RMK's Spring Modern Eyes #2 Moss Green over the browbone area and used Ingenious Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner to line the upper waterline. I finished by applying Extra Deep W Mascara 01 Black.

With Eyelash N 03 on, the effect on the eyes is dramatic.

Compared to Heroine Make's Lash #4 Glamorous Volume (top in the pic below), the lash bone of the RMK Eyelash N 03 is quite a bit shorter and doesn't stretch fully from the inner corner of my eye to the outer corner. I don't wear false lashes regularly so the feeling of the lashes on my eyelids did take some getting used to. This for me is something to be reserved for special occasions.

If you would like to try out the Dusty Bright Colors collection, you can sign up for the workshops with a Japanese makeup artist that RMK is holding at Isetan Scotts from 9-11 September. Details are in this earlier post.


Unknown said...

Fabulous look!

Anonymous said...

Those lashes look good on you!

Anonymous said...

You should put on fake lashes everyday! it opens up your eyes more since you do not have much real lash

monique said...

you look beautiful

pinky with lashes said...

whats happening to heroine #4 lashes?? cant find it in alot of places recently :(

Haru said...

Thanks, Monique!

False lashes are just not practical for me to wear on a daily basis as they are not appropriate for the work environment.

Hi Old Cow,
Thanks! :)

Haru said...

Hi pinky with lashes,
I'm not sure, perhaps it's just a temporary stock situation?

Hannah said...

I don't suppose the brush for the Dusty Bright Eyes is sold separately? Is one end made of synthetic hair and the other of natural animal hair?

Haru said...

hi Hannah,
Nope, the brush is not sold separately. Both sides are made of natural hair.

Tess said...

swatch for the nail polish? :)

Unknown said...

Lovely EOTD, still waiting for the release here (as usual)

The false eyelashes is very exciting news as the current false eyelash lines has been around for a long time now!

Thanks for sharing.


evie said...

beautiful eotd. Do you know which of the RMK e/s are perm? thanks :)