Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Anna Sui Holiday 2011 has just posted details of the Anna Sui Masquerade holiday collection, which will be released on 3 November in Japan. You can also see several real-life pics of the products on the UrCosme blog.

Cinderella slipper filled with 6 rose-scented bath pearls (8g each)

Beauty Mirror Large

Beauty Mirror P

Eye Color Palette & Lipgloss Sets

Beautiful Hair Kit: Includes a White Rose Hair Mist and a hair accessory.

Multi-purpose gloss which can be used on both the eyes and the lips. This will be available in 6 shades.

False lashes

Tattoo stickers which can last 3-7 days.


Crane from Skin Inc said...

Hi Haru,

i will like to have some collaborations with you for Skin Inc, hence how do I contact you?

Haru said...

hi Crane,
My email address is izuc77 at